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Got a Complaint?

The Board of Developmental Disabilities has written procedures that protect and ensure the rights of all individuals who receive our services and supports. You can challenge board policies, procedures, practices and decsions that we make.

For preschool-age children (ages 3-5) and school-age children (ages 5-21), you can challenge decisions according to the rules of the Ohio Department of Education. For all others, the challenges should be made according to the rules in our CCBDD Policy Manual. In addition, parents of children, ages 0-3, have procedural safeguards under IDEA and assured through the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities.

These procedures may not be used to resolve compalints involving delegated nursing rules or decisions to terminate, reduce or deny Medicaid-funded services.

  • All complaints involving delegated nursing rules go to our nursing manager.
  • Any decision to terminate, reduce or deny Medicaid-funded services is subject to the Ohio Department of Job & Family Services (ODJFS) appeal process. All complaints about decisions such as this may be referred to our Community & Medicaid Services Department or to ODJFS.
  • Any other complaint about Medicaid services should go directly to your support administrator.

We encourage you to share any concerns you have with the Board of DD staff, supervisors or management. We know, however, that sometimes you may not be comfortable with making a complaint about our organization to someone within the organization. If that is the case, please call the Ohio Department of DD at 1-800-617-6733.

Information on filing a complaint with the county board is available here.

You can request a copy of the Complaint or Appeal of Adverse Action Explanation Form.

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