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Roomba 690 Vacuum

Features a full suite of intelligent sensors to guide the robot under and around furniture and to avoid falling down stairs or tumbling over drop-offs. The Roomba automatically docks and recharges so it is always ready to clean.

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Wyze Pan Cam

Indoor camera with two-way communication, night vision and high definition video streaming. There is a static model and Pan Cam that can rotate. Each camera has video storage capability.

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SimpleHuman Sensor Can

Will open at the wave of a hand or when directed to “open can” using motion or voice sensor.

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Obi Robotic Feeding Device

Feeding device for individuals who need assistance. Obi allows users to move the utensil between four food compartments, select food,  and deliver to the mouth with the touch of a switch . Obi can also be controlled with a head or foot switch.

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Various Utensils and Bowls

Gyenno Parkinson Spoon is an electronically stabilizes so the attached utensil shakes 85% less than your hand. Worry less about spilling and focus on enjoying your meal. Switch on and off automatically. 

Liftware Level Spoon is a computerized handle that keeps its attachments level for those with limited hand or arm mobility to help them eat more easily. Such limited mobility may be associated with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, Huntington's disease, or post-stroke deficits. 

Steady Spoon has a multi-feature design with counter weights to keep the spoon bowl level and prevent food spillage. The hook and loop strap and built-up handle eliminate the need for a strong grasp. 

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Utensils and Cups

Soft Touch Bendable Utensils combines an easy-to-grasp textured plastic handle and adjustable shaft to create versatile adapted utensils.

Nosey Adaptive Drinking Cup is an 8 Ounce cup; cut out for nose for drinking without bending neck; microwave and dishwasher safe.  

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Nest Protect Smoke & CO Alarm

Replaces conventional smoke and CO2 detection devices offering control using a smart phone app. It will verbally alert users to fire, smoke and CO2. It is available in both battery-operated and hardwire versions.

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