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Sensory LED Bubble Wall

Has LED lights that change the water colors and the bubble swim up the tank panels as the pump hums gently for a soothing, calming effect.

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Gel Floor Tiles

Encourage sensory stimulation, visual processing and gross motor skills with these colorful, squishy tiles with anti-slip foam backing. Set of 6 includes one of each color.

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Busy Fingers Gel Pad

Busy Fingers Gel Fidget can keep fingers busy when stressed, bored or seeking sensory input. Children love playing with this cool, smushy, fidget toy and they have the added benefit of it helping to boost their concentration and focus as well as fine motor skills.

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Fidget Balls

Keep restless fingers busy with multi-sensory balls to juggle, squeeze, fidget or hide. Each set contains three durable fidget toys that provide different tactile sensations: balls, sand and pellets. Use to release stress at school or home, during travel and transitions. Strengthens hand’s intrinsic muscles and fine motor skills Provides sensory input, hand-eye coordination and tactile exploration.

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Hairy Tangle

Finger fidget that doubles as a sensory manipulative. This tactile fidget toy bends, turns, squiggles, snaps (and unsnaps) and moves to keeps kids and adults entertained for hours, while serving as a great way to strengthen hand muscles.

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Pop Tubes

Stretch out Pop Tubes and twirl them around to hear different and equally fun sounds. In addition to the auditory stimulation, Pop Tubes can be used as a manipulative to help with both finger and arm strengthening. Move the Pop Tubes around and out of your field of vision to help with eye tracking and focus.

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Bean Bag Chair

For adults up to 6' tall and is superbly comfortable.

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Light Filters for Every Season

Fabric panels lessen the harsh glare and flickers from typical fluorescent lighting that can cause eyestrain, headaches, and even anxiety. Fabric panels fit over ceiling panels, are heat resistant, and easily attach with sewn-in magnets.

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Weighted Bulldog

Plush weighted pet that provides comfort and companionship to reduce anxiety, improve focus, and provide deep pressure sensory benefits.

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Vibrating Loveable Lady Bug

Soft and plush and vibrates when you touch it. It offers tactile stimulation and gives off soothing, calming vibrations for proprioceptive input.

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