A Cuyahoga DD navigator will be assigned to eligible students, starting at age 14. Navigators serve as the primary point of contact for students/families and school personnel. Navigators will help you through the initial/redetermination eligibility process and will help you access needed services and supports available in the community and/or through Cuyahoga DD. Your navigator is available to answer any questions about the transition process and can link you to appropriate resources. You will primarily work with your navigator until a Support Administrator is assigned.

You will be assigned to a Support Administrator (SA) during the year prior to graduation, unless one is needed sooner to address health and safety needs. The SA will explore your interests with you  and develop a plan that describes your goals for living, learning, and working (with the necessary supports). Together, your transition team, which may include the school, Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD), and Cuyahoga DD, will determine how and when each agency can help you. Your SA will help to coordinate services and may link you with service providers who will help you find a job, explore other daytime activities and address any unmet needs.

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