Behavior Supports in the Community

Cuyahoga DD provides a wide range of behavior supports to help people thrive in the home, community and workplace. Supports are designed to be positive in nature with an awareness and sensitivity to the potential role that adverse or traumatic experiences have in regard to the person's challenges. Cuyahoga DD’s behavior supports team consists of licensed psychologists, psychology assistants, licensed professional clinical counselors, licensed independent social workers and behavior support professionals.

Behavior Supports in the Classroom

School-based behavior intervention supports, in partnership with school staff, can include assessment of behaviors and recommendations for learning materials, adapting the classroom environment to meet a student’s needs, and developing positive behavior strategies.

Mental Health Supports

Short-term counseling, psychological testing, and referrals to community-based mental health supports are available to assist persons and their families with behavioral and mental health challenges. Cuyahoga DD staff who provide mental health supports include psychologists, licensed independent social workers, and licensed professional clinical counselors.

Human Sexuality Supports

Human sexuality supports include sexuality and social skills information, education, training and consultation to adults, their families, caregivers, staff and community agencies to maximize a person’s ability to live, learn, work and play in the community. Services may include screening, assessment of sexual knowledge, appropriateness of behaviors, strategies for responding to sexual behaviors and policy development for agencies. These services are available to people age 18 and older.

For those under age 18, consultation may be available to parents and support teams on a limited basis. In most cases, Cuyahoga DD does not provide direct human sexuality services to minors.

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