Housing supports may be available to assist you to remain in your current home or to explore new options. Cuyahoga DD staff can assess your needs and then based on those needs, determine what supports may be available to assist you.   

Your home may be a place where you live with family, where you live alone or with others who want to have roommates, or in a residential facility.  Other options may be explored based on needs and interests.

Living with family

When living with family, your family members often help and support you with your daily living needs. We recognize the dedication this takes.  Cuyahoga DD’s Family Supports Program is available to children and adults who live with an immediate family member and do not receive support through a Medicaid waiver. Up to $1,500/person in services and resources may be available each year. Click HERE to learn more about the Family Supports Program.

If you have a Support Administrator, please contact him/her as you may be eligible for similar services.

Living alone or with others

Based on your assessed needs, Cuyahoga DD will plan with you and coordinate the services and supports you need to develop and maintain independent living skills (such as dressing, feeding, cooking, and cleaning) while living in the community.  Your supports are developed with a team and will include any natural or community resources available. Supports may also include services provided through a Home and Community-Based Services Medicaid Waiver and will be based on assessment and available waiver funding.

Ohio Shared Living

This option supports someone to get the support they need while living with a paid caregiver in their home. Caregivers make a long-term commitment to sharing their home with a person with developmental disabilities and making this person a part of their family.  The caregiver will help with daily routines and other areas of living based on the person’s assessed needs. Shared Living is a service provided through Medicaid Waivers and may be an option based on assessment and available waiver funding.

Intermediate Care Facilities (ICFs)

ICFs are Medicaid funded facilities that offer a bundled service package to support people who need a high level of supports. These services include, but are not limited to, help with basic daily living skills (eating, dressing, hygiene, taking medications, etc.), day or employment services, nursing, or other services like speech, occupational therapy (OP) and physical therapy (PT).

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Online ICF Search Tool

Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities Electronic ICF Informational Booklet

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