A Support Administrator, or “SA” as often called, is the main point of contact for most adults (and some children) who are determined eligible for services. The SA assists people served and their families to identify and obtain the services they choose for themselves, including services and supports available in the community.

Everyone who is enrolled on a Medicaid Home and Community-based Services Waiver is assigned a SA. Sometimes a SA may be assigned to other people who have extensive planning needs but do not receive waiver-funded supports.

A Support Administrator uses a person-centered approach that focuses on what matters most to you. You are at the center of everything that happens. The role of the Support Administrator is to:

  • Talk with you and your family.
  • Identify your needs and concerns and develop a plan (Individual Service Plan or ISP) to address these.
  • Focus on your strengths, skills and abilities.
  • Find solutions, preferably ones that are community-based.
  • Make sure the services and supports work best for you.
  • Help you develop advocacy skills.

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