COVID-19 Supply Requests & Health Passport

Health Passport

The Ohio Association of County Boards of DD has created an optional Health Passport that can be used if someone with a developmental disability has to enter a hospital/medical facility without the assistance of a family member or direct support professional. This "passport" contains basic information about the person, such as health status, medical history and aspects of the person's developmental disability that are important for others to know.

Click here to download a copy of the Health Passport.


Supply Requests (updated May 18, 2020)

Available supplies/resources are now limited to only those agencies serving people with COVID-19 positive cases. Cuyahoga DD is providing financial assistance to residential DD providers for costs not reimbursed by other sources, like Medicaid. Please contact Cuyahoga DD’s provider development and support department for more information or if you have an urgent need.