We are stronger together with flower

Cuyahoga DD Superintendent & CEO Kelly A. Petty remarks on the agency’s commitment to being a part of the change needed to address injustices and inequalities in our society.


From Kelly A. Petty, Cuyahoga DD's Superintendent & CEO:

Current events of the last two weeks have once again shone a spotlight on the tremendous injustices and inequalities in our society. It requires each of us to look at the world through a different lens to ensure that we are truly committed to serving every individual and family with dignity, respect and compassion regardless of a person’s sex, ancestry, national original, race, color, age, religion, disability, military or veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression, genetic information, or social, economic or political affiliation. We stand in solidarity with our employees, the people we serve and their families and other members of our community who are voicing their anguish, anger and deep frustration with the systems that disrespect and devalue any life based on race, color, ethnicity, or national origin.

Compassion, trust, and mutual respect are at the core of our commitment to diversity and inclusion. The time is now when we have to recommit ourselves to taking a closer look at how we deliver supports and services to individuals, family members, private providers and partnering agencies. We must ensure that we are doing everything we can to eliminate and prevent discrimination and unconscious bias in how we operate the services and supports of Cuyahoga DD. We must be part of the change that is needed in our world to stop social and systemic injustice.

Implementing our strategic plan thoughtfully and effectively is one important method to being a part of this needed change. Improving access to our supports, simplifying practices, expanding outreach with a greater focus on underserved audiences, and providing exceptional, person-centered service are some of the strategies that we can all contribute to, strengthening our actions and commitment to the inclusion of all people. Additionally, I encourage each of you to reflect on how you interact with your co-workers, people you support and their families, private providers, and our partnering agencies, and challenge yourself to make a greater difference.

Be a part of the change that is needed in our world! I will be working with each department and our Diversity Steering Committee in the next few months to develop concrete action steps that we can take as an agency to be a part of the change that is needed in our world. I welcome all to share ideas with me directly regarding how Cuyahoga DD can evolve and better support people and this community.

We are stronger together.