Do you have concerns and need help for your child?

Our team of professionals is here to help!

Cuyahoga DD’s team of professionals is available to support students in many ways— in person (home/school/community), virtually, and through connections to community-based resources. We’re comfortable with what works best for you. If an in-person visit is preferred, we’ll conduct this visit in a safe manner, following current health and safety guidelines.

These are some of the services and supports that may be available based on the student’s needs:

Therapy Supports:

  • Speech therapy – Assessment and recommendations to improve communication skills that include reading, writing, problem solving, social skills, and following routines. Customized educational resources, like choice boards, social stories and other visual supports.

Behavioral Supports:

  • Support in understanding the educational plan (IEP) and/or creating consistency between the home and school
  • Behavioral assessments and recommendations for learning materials
  • Help adapting the home/classroom environment and learning materials (including visual supports) to address behavioral needs and learning

Equipment Lending:

  • Assistive technology- low and high tech devices that help students perform tasks better and more independently
  • Sanitized equipment available through our lending libraries, like wheelchairs, walkers, and items to address sensory needs

Also available to students ages 14 and older:

Job Seeking Supports:

  • Help finding out what type of job you might enjoy
  • Connecting you with other community agencies or employment service providers that can help you find a job
  • Help figuring out how to get to and from your job
  • Coordinating supports to help you do your job

Travel Training Supports:

  • Help to build skills to go out into the community using different methods, like walking, biking, using public transportation or ride-sharing services, or obtaining a driver’s license. The focus is to help you gain greater independence and learn safety skills so you are able to travel throughout the community.


If you’re in need of any of the supports listed above or have questions, please contact your Support Administrator (SA). If you don’t have an SA, please call 216-736-2673. 


We’re glad to help students succeed in school and at home.