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Summer is coming! Financial support for camp has been expanded.

Recent changes to Cuyahoga DD's Family Supports Program mean more people are now eligible for more resources and services, including camp assistance. If you care for someone eligible for Cuyahoga DD services who lives with you in your home, he/she may be eligible for at least $750 and up to $1,500 for things like respite care, therapies, home modifications, leisure/recreation activities, camp assistance and more.

Here's what one parent recently shared after receiving some resources through the Family Supports Program: "When the pull-ups and wipes came, I literally cried tears of joy. These helped me so much. We also got a sand timer. It keeps my son calm when he watches it and turns it. These are things I couldn't afford that I am so grateful for."

Benefit from the Family Supports Program soon. Click here to access the simple, one-page application