Cuyahoga DD recognizes and appreciates the vital support families provide to people with developmental disabilities. Using a portion of our local tax levy revenue to help families in this caregiving role by providing funding for goods and services through our Family Supports Program remains a priority. The Family Supports Program has been expanded to include individuals who are eligible for Cuyahoga DD services who live at home or on their own. 

2022 Family Supports Application: Please complete the 2022 application if you are already enrolled in the Family Supports Program or if this is your first time enrolling. 

Apply for the 2022 Family Supports Program

Eligibility for the Family Supports Program

The Family Supports Program is only available to persons eligible for Cuyahoga DD services who may live with family or on their own.

The following individuals are not eligible for the Family Supports Program:

  • People who are enrolled on a Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver* (Level 1, Individual Options, or Self- Empowered Life Funding);
  • People who live in an intermediate care facility (ICF); or
  • People who live in foster care.

*If you have a Support Administrator, please contact him/her. You may be eligible for similar services.

Annual funding allotments

People age 18 and older eligible for Cuyahoga DD services = $1,500 per person
Children age 17 and younger eligible for Cuyahoga DD services = $750-$1,500 per person

For the 2022 Year: Individuals who enroll this year will have an additional $500.00 added to their 2022 allocation award.

Types of Services and Resources

Day or overnight camp opportunities (Be sure to view the Summer and Beyond guide located at the bottom of this page under 'For more information.')

Substantial home modifications may be requested through the Family Supports Program. All modifications must be adaptive in nature.

Respite care is defined as an occasional break for families. Respite care may be accessed for people who require specialized care beyond what might be expected of an untrained provider.

Special equipment may be available upon the recommendation of professionals. Examples include: sensory items, therapy balls, orthotics, communications devices, weighted blankets and adapted utensils.

Medical equipment cannot be purchased under the Family Supports Program.

Incontinence supplies may be available for adults and children over the age of 3 who are not eligible for payment through Medicaid or another insurance program. A physician’s prescription certifying that the individual is incontinent is required. Examples include: pull-ups, wipes, hygiene gloves, incontinence pads, and plastic sheets.

Specialized nutrition that complements a meal and which is required to meet daily caloric and nutritional requirements may be available. Physician’s orders for the nutritional supplement, along with a corresponding diagnosis, are required. Examples include: thickeners and dietary shakes

Traditional therapies, such as Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy and Speech/Language for children under the age of three

Participation in these types of recreational activities may be funded: music therapy, aquatics, therapeutic horseback riding, art, dance, and sports activities. Activities do not have to be adaptive.

For more information:

Family Supports Program one-page flyer: English or Spanish

Family Supports Program guidelines: English or Spanish

For questions about the Family Supports Program, call 216-736-2947.


Apply for the Family Supports Program

If you are eligible for services, you may also be eligible for additional funds through the Family Supports Program.