Superintendent & CEO

Dr. Amber C. Gibbs

Superintendent & CEO

Leadership Team

Christina Brown

Chief Operations Officer

Melanie Rak

Chief Program Officer

Rachel Sielski

Chief Business Officer

Management Advisory Council

Cuyahoga DD’s Management Advisory Council assists the superintendent and executive leadership team by implementing the agency’s mission and strategic plan. This is accomplished by providing high-level analysis, feedback, ideas, and problem solving, and holding the agency accountable for achieving its goals. The Council also assists in planning Board meeting agendas and announcements. Cuyahoga DD’s executive leadership team is comprised of the superintendent, chief operations officer, chief administrative services officer, chief financial officer, and chief human resources officer.

Janice Abrams

Assistive Technology and SLP Manager

Jo Elle Barath

Director, Service & Support Administration

Sue Barrier

Manager, Support Administration

Sarah Cammock

General Counsel

Christopher Carpenter

Community Development Strategic Analysis Manager

Joe Carroll

Budget and Accounting Supervisor

Jackie Chapman

Supervisor, Support Administration

Ari Cunningham

Medicaid Services Admin

Leah Dalton

Manager, Support Administration

Elizabeth Day

Director, Public Information & Communication

Herbert Dill

Facilities Manager

Alyssa Fleming

Manager, Medicaid and Data Analytics

Alison Gahr

Manager, Support Administration

Stefanie Galbreath

Community Development Specialist

Robert Goe

Director, Facilities Operations

Mary Golier

Manager, Major Unusual Incidents

Michelle Henson

Manager, Support Administration

Quishann Johnson

Information Systems Manager

Alisa Jones

Intensive Support Team Supervisor

Dr. Janet Keeler

Director, Community Development

Michael Kreczko

Security and Operations Manager

Jennifer Krzynowek

Director, Provider Development & Quality

Heidi Ksiezyk-Skrada

Manager, Support Administration

Laura Kubulins

Operations Supervisor

Missy Kuhn

Behavioral Health Supervisor

Megan Kuntz

Manager, Support Administration

Tamara Lentini

Health Services Manager

Lynne Lipperman

Supervisor, Support Administration

Lori Mago

Director, Assistive Technology & Children’s Services

Bonnie Makrai

Service Excellence Administrator

Curtis McEwen

Director, Information Technology

Iwona Olesky-Pozniak

Supervisor, Support Administration Multi-System Services

Kim O'Neil

HR Administrator-Employee Relations

John Parkowski

On-Call Administrator

Amy Pender

Manager, Support Administration

Janice Phillips

Supervisor, Contract Services

Kelly Rainey

Manager Assistive Technology and Childrens Services

Nicole Reidy

Supervisor, Support Administration

Terri Rice

Executive Administrative Supervisor

Richard Rowlett

Director of Clinical Services

Mike Skultety

IT Infrastructure Operations Manager

Lisa Tytko

Manager, Support Administration

Allen Wilks

After Hours on Call and Buildings Manager

Felicia Williams

Manager, Support Administration

Toni Witt

Supervisor, Support Administration

Erin Wladyka

Early Intervention Manager

Lina Workman

Supervisor, Residential Services

Joanne Zoller

Fiscal Administrator