Travel Training

Do you want to gain greater independence and learn safety skills so you can travel throughout the community? Cuyahoga DD’s community access specialists help you build the necessary skills to:

  • Walk or bike to places important to you
  • Use public transportation like RTA/paratransit
  • Access ride-sharing services like Uber/Lyft
  • Obtain your temporary driver's license (temps)

Learn more about our traveling training services by watching this short video.

Cuyahoga DD Community Safety videos below teach safe and independent travel in the community. These videos show an unsafe community scenario, offer pause to discuss safe options and next steps on your own, and then highlight appropriate choices. They are great training tools for anyone learning to stay safe in their community.

Community Safety Videos Playlist

How can we help you?

  • Contact your support administrator (SA) if you have one and ask them about community access training.
  • Don’t have a support administrator, call Janet Keeler at 216-736-4518 to learn more about travel training.
  • For any other needs, call us anytime at 216-241-8230.