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Independent Provider Meet and Greet

Cuyahoga DD knows it is important to find the best Independent Provider (IP) that meets the needs of individuals, caregivers and families. To assist in connecting people to available IPs in Cuyahoga County we have monthly IP Meet and Greet virtual Zoom and in-person meetings.

During these meetings, you will be introduced to IPs who range from those recently certified to those with years of experience. Each IP will talk about their experience, and availability and share their contact information. There will be time for question and answer to allow you to get to know the IPs better and find the perfect match! If you have questions contact or call 216-931-7474.

If you missed July's Meet and Greet, click here to view the contact information of the IPs who attended.

2024 IP Meet and Greet Dates

  • August 7
    • In-person at Cuyahoga County Public Library - Maple Heights Branch
  • September 4
  • October 2
    • In-person at Cuyahoga County Public Library - Fairview Park Branch
  • November 6
  • December 4

Adult Day Programs

Cuyahoga DD partnered with 6 local agencies that are actively engaged with us and have openings to create videos that can help individuals with developmental disabilities and their families learn more about Adult Day Programs. These agencies have openings, and these videos give individuals and families a behind-the-scenes look at these facilities and show the spaces they will be in if they attend the program. Click on the videos below to learn more about each.