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The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We are committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, recognizing the full range of human differences and similarities.


The Cuyahoga DD recruits and retains outstanding individuals who are committed to our mission of supporting and empowering people with developmental disabilities to live, learn, work and play in the community. We seek to attract diverse staff who desire to inspire, promote abilities and talents, foster inclusion in all aspects of community life, and hold themselves and others to high expectations.

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If you are a person with a disability or are unable to use or access this site as a result of your disability, you may request a reasonable accommodation by calling 216-241-8230.


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Cuyahoga DD's unique internship opportunities are designed to facilitate student learning through increased knowledge and experience in select fields of study and to grow future practitioners. When considering an internship, it’s important to assess your values and beliefs to ensure they align with the agency’s goals and mission to maximize the internship experience.

If considering Cuyahoga DD as your preferred placement option, Faculty Advisors and potential Interns are encouraged to contact our agency early in the process (see deadlines below) to ensure consideration. Though we attempt to accommodate most requests, there is limited capacity, and we may not be able to support all inquiries at the time of application.

To receive consideration, please review the following information and click on the link to submit the appropriate inquiry form:

  • Traditional internship/Capstone/Fellowship – Faculty Advisors and students in post-secondary education identify learning goals with educational credits upon completion. To pursue this pathway, there must be an inter-agency agreement between the post-secondary institution and Cuyahoga DD before consideration for the following opportunities:
    • Applications for the Behavioral and Health Services Department (Social Work, Counseling, Psychology, etc.) are required to be submitted by February 15, with applications reviewed and interviews conducted by April 15, and candidate decisions issued by April 30. Internships typically begin in the Fall and last one full academic year. (Exceptions to the application deadline may be considered at the sole discretion of the Director/Department Head). To request consideration for an internship opportunity in the Behavioral Health Department, complete an online form here or click here to download a form
    • Applications for most other departments (including OT/PT/SLP, DS, etc.) are required to be submitted at least 6-8 weeks before a placement is anticipated to begin to ensure consideration. Candidates are notified of final decisions within 2-3 weeks of the submission, with internships typically limited to one quarter/semester (2-3 months). To request consideration for an internship opportunity in another Department, other than Behavior Health, complete an online form here or click here to download a form.
  • Other Unpaid Opportunities:
    • Non-traditional Internship/Shadowing – Students seeking experience and/or knowledge about a particular field of study or topic, which may not align with a traditional education track or program for educational credit, may request an opportunity to “shadow” a professional working in the field of interest at Cuyahoga DD. These opportunities typically last 1-2 weeks and may be limited due to our capacity to create unique learning opportunities and provide direct supervision/oversight, but we try to accommodate when possible. To request consideration for a non-traditional internship or shadowing opportunity, complete an online form here or click here to download a form. Please indicate N/A in any sections that do not apply, click “Other” for an area of interest, and be specific when completing the statement of professional goals and personal interests section to ensure full consideration.
    • Volunteering at Cuyahoga DD events and activities is a great way to gain valuable work experience, in addition to giving back to your community in support of individuals with developmental disabilities. For additional information related to unpaid volunteer opportunities, please click to be redirected to the Volunteer page.

To receive consideration, applicants must submit a complete application. Please click on the appropriate link above to initiate the process. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Please enter tentative dates if anticipated start and end dates have not been determined, and if a section does not apply, please indicate N/A. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process or the online application, please email hr@cuyahogabdd.org with your question and provide a contact phone number to receive a response within two (2) business days.

Disclosure: Student internships and graduate-level field placements are subject to availability and serve at the sole discretion of the agency’s department head. No student internship or field placement may begin until all paperwork has been completed and the Human Resources Department has cleared the applicant for placement. Internship opportunities may be terminated, without advanced notice, for any breaches in professional ethical standards, confidentiality, or policy violations. Please note that, as part of our vetting process, applicants are subject to a thorough background check, drug and alcohol screening, and formal acceptance at the sole discretion of the department and the Human Resources Department.