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Join a team of volunteers who make a difference in the lives of people with developmental disabilities. The authentic inclusion of people with disabilities, in all aspects of community life, is the foundation of Cuyahoga DD’s volunteer program. Whether your personal volunteering goal is to explore career opportunities, increase your skills or just share your time and talents in a meaningful way, we want you to find volunteering with us a satisfying and rewarding experience.

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Complete and submit a volunteer application by clicking the button below or contact the community inclusion specialist at 216-736-8378 or by email.

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Volunteer Guardians

Make a big difference in a small amount of time. Be that someone!

Isn’t it nice to have someone on your side, looking out for you when you have to make big decisions? YOU could be that someone for a person with disabilities. All it takes is a few hours a month, a willingness to get to know someone and an interest in helping them reach their goals.

Volunteer Guardians, appointed by a county probate court, act in the best interest of the assigned person, serving as an advocate and substitute decision-maker in the care and management of the person's medical and personal affairs.

Cuyahoga DD's general counsel guides Volunteer Guardians every step of the way - - through the legal process, formal appointment and anytime there are questions. The person's support team of professionals and direct care provider(s) serve as partners to ensure the person reaches his/her goals.

To learn more about Volunteer Guardianship watch the view below. 

Current volunteers

Thank you for being one of our MVPs - Most Valued People!

Please be sure to log-in often to report the time you have generously shared with others. Your hours matter! We use this information in our volunteer management system in many ways, including being able to report the impactful work of our talented volunteers.

If you experience any challenges with this system, please call 216-736-2690. Thank you. 

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If you’re ready to have a big impact in another’s life, complete and submit a volunteer application through the link below or contact the community inclusion specialist at 216-736-8378.

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