Have a Complaint?

Cuyahoga DD is committed to ensuring that all rights for people with developmental disabilities are supported and protected.

You have the right to disagree with a decision made about you or for you. Most disagreements can be worked out informally. We encourage you to first:

  • Talk with the person you are working with or who is making the decision.
  • Speak with the supervisor or manager if your concern or complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction.
  • Ask for a written explanation of the policy, procedure, practice or decision that has been made.

For assistance understanding the complaint resolution process and options available, please contact Cuyahoga DD’s risk manager at 216-931-7356 or by email.

You may also find helpful information in Disability Rights Ohio’s Filing a Complaint with a County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

A copy of the Cuyahoga DD Policy Manual is available here.

While we encourage you to share any concerns you have with Cuyahoga DD staff, we know that sometimes you may not be comfortable making a complaint about our organization to someone within the organization. If that is the case, please call the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities at 1-800-617-6733.