Cuyahoga DD has two equipment lending libraries containing over 2,000 pieces of equipment that are used to increase participation and promote safety and independence for people with developmental disabilities:

  • OT/PT Library – Contains items used for mobility and activities of daily living such as wheelchairs, lifts, toileting and bathing equipment, etc.
  • Assistive Technology (AT) Library – Contains items ranging from low to high tech devices such as adaptive switches, watch minders and video doorbells.

Equipment can be loaned for trial periods to eligible individuals as well as to public school districts (Cuyahoga County only) and provider agencies to support people with developmental disabilities they are serving. Cuyahoga DD’s equipment lending allows individuals to move through multiple trials, if necessary, in order to find the right fit before purchasing. Equipment can also be loaned for short term needs where no future purchase may be necessary.

For more information on the OT/PT Library call 216-736-2631.

For more information on the AT Library call 216-736-2730.