All Means All

Building an inclusive community— ALL means ALL

The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Cuyahoga DD) believes strongly that all people deserve to have equal access to and be equal participants in all aspects of community life. This includes where a person chooses to live, learn, work, play and worship. This belief is the foundation of inclusion. It requires all places in the community welcome people of all abilities and all backgrounds and provide opportunities for meaningful inclusion. ALL means ALL.

The criteria below provide guidance on actions businesses should take to ensure that they are welcoming of all people and able to support their inclusion in all activities, programs and events. Upon successful evidence of meeting this guidance, Cuyahoga DD will provide businesses with an ALL means ALL window/door decal (and an electronic copy) to highlight its commitment to inclusion to the greater community. Cuyahoga DD will also proudly promote, via our website, all businesses that achieve this level of commitment as it strengthens our collective desire for a more inclusive community and society.

Cuyahoga DD supports organizations in becoming more inclusive and connecting with new audiences and customers. Contact Janet Keeler, Division Manager of Community Development, at or 216-736-4518 for more information.

Click here to watch our Building an Inclusive Community Webinar.

Criteria for Inclusion:

 Registration is simple.

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    1. Online and In-person or telephone registration options are available.
    2. Adaptive options are easy to find and well described on printed materials and electronic platforms (i.e. website, social media platforms, etc.).
    3. Website has accessibility features (for the hearing/visually impaired).  

Business has a visible inclusion statement.

    1. Inclusion statement is prominently displayed on website and social media platforms.
    2. Inclusion statement is prominently displayed in the business’ facility.
    3. Business has rules, policies or guidelines that document how it demonstrates its commitment to building an inclusive, integrated business welcoming to people of all abilities and backgrounds.

Employees have the knowledge and access to specialists who can assist them in making accommodations for those who need them.

    1. Employees have participated in at least one training related to but not limited to the development of adaptive recreation programming, ADA accommodations or best practices in supporting people with developmental disabilities.
    2. Business is a member of their own industries best practice association.
    3. Business has partnered with at least one provider of adaptive recreation for coaching, consultation and information sharing.

  The physical space and environment of the business is universally accessible.

    1. Business has at least one ADA compliant accessible entrance and exit.
    2. Business has at least one ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible bathroom.
    3. Business has at least one ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible activity space.

The business has adequate programming and equipment that support inclusion. 

    1. Business offers a minimum of three (3) adaptive and/or inclusive rec/leisure/sports opportunities per quarter.
    2. Business advertises the ability to modify and/or adapt typical programming, if needed.
    3. Business showcases a minimum of three (3) pieces of adaptive equipment and/or technology that support inclusion.  

 The business has hired or has expressed a strong interest in hiring a person with developmental disabilities.

  1. Business has hired one or more people with a developmental disability.
  2. Business has not hired but has expressed a strong interest in hiring a person with a developmental disability.
  3. Business has collaborated with the Employment Collaborative of Cuyahoga County/Cuyahoga DD workforce development staff to promote Employment First via fundraising and/or marketing.