Applying to Cuyahoga DD is the first step in the eligibility process. An application can be made at any time and by anyone- parent, family member, doctor, school staff, friend or the person with a suspected developmental disability. Eligibility is not based on income and will not affect other public benefits like Medicaid or Social Security. Learn more

An application can be made using this secure, online form or by calling 216-736-2673.

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*When using the protected online application, you have the option to upload documents that are needed to help determine eligibility. Please click here for a listing of those documents. Don't worry! If you are not able to upload documents, we will let you know other ways you can submit them, including emailing them directly to


Time for your redetermination?

Redetermination for Cuyahoga DD services is required at ages 3, 6, 16, and any time there is a significant change in a person's needs or abilities. Redetermination is a process that assesses if you are still eligible for services, and, if eligible, which supports and funding you may receive. The Redetermination Application must be completed before your birthday. Click on the link below for the secure, online Redetermination Application. Need help? Call us: 216-736-2673.

Cuyahoga DD Redetermination Application

Cuyahoga DD Redetermination Application in Spanish


Cuyahoga DD provides support and services to people with developmental disabilities of all ages. We plan services based on the needs and goals of each person. We call this person-centered planning. Support and services can be provided in the home, school, at work and other places in the community and help you to live a meaningful life.

The chart below outlines eligibility criteria by age and what steps to take to begin the eligibility process. Once you reach out to us, a specialist will contact you and guide you through each step of the process. We look forward to assisting you. 

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Getting Started

Birth - 2 One (1) developmental delay

Call Bright Beginnings at 216-698-7500.

CCBDD partners with Bright Beginnings to provide Early Intervention services. Bright Beginnings will contact you to conduct an assessment to determine the need for Early Intervention services.

 Age 3 - 5

Two (2) developmental delays

Click here to complete the secure online application form.


Contact us at 216-736-2673 or send an email to


We will stay in contact with you and guide you through the eligibility process.
Age 6 - 15

 Diagnosis of a developmental disability;


Three (3) limitations on the Children’s Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument*  (COEDI)


Age 16 & Older

Diagnosis of a developmental disability;


Three (3) limitations on the Ohio Eligibility Determination Instrument* (OEDI)

*The COEDI and OEDI are a type of tool used by Cuyahoga DD professionals to assess and describe the abilities of a child or adult in life activities, such as language, self-care, mobility and learning.

IMPORTANT: Eligibility must be redetermined at age 3, age 6 and age 16 for continued services. Call 216-736-2673.