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The Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (Cuyahoga DD) believes people with developmental disabilities should be able to access and participate fully in a community where they are welcomed, included, supported and celebrated. This includes where a person chooses to live, learn, work, play and worship. This belief is the foundation of inclusion. In support of this, Cuyahoga DD has developed a user-friendly and interactive way to identify and access a variety of resources in their community. Cuyahoga DD will maintain a Shared Virtual Community that will allow individuals, families and providers to better connect individuals with developmental disabilities to employment, recreation activities and other desired community resources. 

This requires all places in the community welcome people of all abilities and all backgrounds and provide opportunities for meaningful inclusion. ALL Means ALL. Cuyahoga DD created guidance on actions businesses should take to ensure that they are welcoming of all people and able to support their inclusion in all activities, programs and events. Upon successful evidence of meeting this guidance, Cuyahoga DD will provide businesses with an ALL Means ALL window/door decal (and an electronic copy) to highlight its commitment to inclusion to the greater community. Cuyahoga DD will also proudly promote, via our website and Shared Virtual Community, all businesses that achieve this level of commitment as it strengthens our collective desire for a more inclusive community and society.  You can click here to view the ALL Means ALL guidance.

If you know a business that is inclusive and should be highlighted on Shared Virtual Community OR one that needs support/resources to be more inclusive, please share this business with Janet Keeler, Division Manager of Community Development, at


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Recreation and Leisure

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All Means All

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